Thursday, March 24, 2011

it is not that i cannot accept it , but i am so so so so sad to think about it .

people say that my result is not too bad , but i dont think so , it is very bad . :'(

i know that they try to persuade me to make feel better but , i am the only person know what is the feelings .

but i am so thankful to have them as my friends ! THANKS MY BELOVED FRIENDS , I LOVE ALL OFF YOU VERY MUCH !

bila aku duduk dalam bilik sorang2 baca buku , aku menangis , bila aku solat aku menangis , bila aku mengaji aku menangis , bila aku duduk depan PC ini sorang sambil dengar lagu pon aku menangis , bila aku basuh pinggan aku menangis , bila tengok tv sorang2 pon aku menangis . i need someone that can hear all my tears , my feelings . 


  1. babe , anytime call je aku . skype ada kayh . aku dengar je apa kau nk bebel . aku pon teruk gak . hurm :(

  2. Kin , kau igt je ape yg aku ckp tuh ye