Monday, February 28, 2011

translater . wink wink ^_^

wiiinnnnk winnnkkkkk . 

currently my job the translater of the website. In one week , i must complete this task that my uncle give me.
In one week also , my uncle Tarmizi Taha will give me some money if i complete this task excellently ! 

YEAHHHH , $$$$$$$$ cashhhhh !

This job i think it is easy , just sit in front of computer and use the google translate and just trabslate the word that we dont know . Easy right ? HAHA , one more thing, the place of my job is at MY HOUSE ! hahaah , ITS SO EASY ! 

My uncle , give 4 website and ask me to translate in bahasa . Sometime it quite difficult , but i'll will try best to complete this task ! yuhooooooooooooooooo .

* Weh weh , tak nampak ke aku speaking tuhhh hah ? HAHAH , i know my english is not so good, so what ! hantam sajalah . HAHA ,

i would to thank to my friends that help me a lotttttttttt ! THANKSSS !

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